War's and War Teams'

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War's and War Teams'

Post by ~穏やかに汚染された桜~ Yu Darkrai on Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:38 pm

The assembly and construction of war-teams will be up to he Mods and Admins of VDA, we'll closely look over a few criteria that will make you eligible or ineligible to participate in war's and the war team.

1) Dorm test: Based on how well you did inside your dorm test can be a major factor in this decision.

2) Improvement: Your continued progression as a duelist will determine strongly on whether or not you are chosen.

3) Activeness: This is by fr one of the major criteria used in the final decision, whether this academy can trust that you will attend said war, and out-perform our expectations solely rely on your commitment.

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