Abide and you'll be fine

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Abide and you'll be fine

Post by ~穏やかに汚染された桜~ Yu Darkrai on Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:44 pm

Welcome to Vongola Duel Academy it is up to YOU guys to recruit and make our academy BIG so we can get a war team and challenge other academies! So please please recruit for us and you will be handsomely rewarded! here is some quick rules about the academy that I have zero tolerance on.

-HARASSING OR PUTTING DOWN OTHER PLAYERS!! were all here for the same reason guys
-spamming chat
-unnecessary use of swear we do have youngsters here
-flooding posts
-advertising another academy without permission of an admin
obey these rules and we will get along great
-Pointless posting like= this is a good idea. i cant wait. im so ready. cool.wow .holy... etc.

FOR MODS AND ADMINS!!--if you ban someone with out evidence i.e a picture of why you banned them they will get unban as soon as i come on. If an admin ban someone no other admin or mod unbans that player till talking to the mod/admin that banned them.

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